As a photographer, I’m ready to take a photo from a simple portrait, through photographic advertising campaigns, to business photos; … I approach every topic with the intention of doing something fresh and new.

I was born in Prague. Part of my life lived on other continents. I’amFather of one little man. So, Who am I then? …
I am a father and sometimes also a businessman, sometimes I am a lonely traveler, sometimes a photographer, sometimes an adventurer and often just someone away …

It takes a lot of fantasy to make a good photo.
But (or that’s why) it’s great work and fun…

Styx-underwear, MyIdentity, Represent Clothing, Etnetera Fragile, AK Brunclík & Štefánik, Alien Skin, Medievum, Hive, Claro, Bageterie Boulevard, Sucess In,Vodafone, ČEZ, Makléři na doporučení, Softec, e-Production, Vig Travel,


Tvoje svatba, Zdraví.cz, Bulvar 24,,,, Časopis Dieta, Časopis Vlasta


AAP Gold medal in the category Portrait – Indian Summer salon – Prague 2015 – 1st places:Black And White Photo Contest, – 1st places Grand Jury Winner: Teenage Portraiture Photo Contest 


Don’t be a stranger, just say hello.

Feel free to get in touch with me. I am always open to discussing new projects, creative ideas or opportunities to be part of your visions.


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